About Codogate

We build state of the art softwares & brand you digitally

Who we are?

In the mid of 20th century, Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Industries primarily focused on mass production in order to meet mankind’s necessities. Nonetheless, massive profits were inherent since the products are inevitable part of daily life. Time flies! Exponential growth in population, diminishing natural resources, plenty of competitors and what more!

It drives a paradigm shift in the prime focus from being just a producer to a cost-efficient producer. Work processes’ optimization by embracing cutting edge technologies becomes an integral part of business objectives. It demands to focus exclusively in this business acumen and we deployed a competitive team in this regard that resulted in the origin of ’Codogate’.

Branding, % 90
Web Development, % 80
App Development, % 85
Industry Software, % 75
Graphic Design, % 80
Corporate Videos, % 85
VR Services, % 75

Codogate provides exciting, game-changing software products to clients around the globe. We believe real innovation stems from implementing relevant high tech solutions to actual business problems. We aspire to developing employees who are seen as tech industry thought leaders and who produce leading edge technology.
To be a partner of choice in our focused area of expertise at global level by providing innovative, faster, reliable and profitable solutions to our clients. Be a process driven, professionally managed and highly profitable organization by delivering enhanced value to our customers, stakeholders and employees.
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